Saudi Design week Top 5

Saudi Design week is one of the most sought-after events in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. This event happens once every year in a new location that is considered to be a prime architectural landmark in the city. This year the event took place at King Abdelaziz Center for National Dialogue and even though the theme was sustainable design, we saw a lot of last year designs presented again by the same exhibitors. However, there are always great design initiatives must be mentioned and Studio 5 summed the top FIVE of this year.


1. First Place:

Ithra – Sustainable Material Library (King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture):

This material library was such a beautiful surprise in the fair, as Ithra has developed more than 1600 sustainable materials curated through a strict selection process and a strange laboratory technique, such as denim made of coffee beans remains, leather made of bacterial fed mushrooms, and of course recycled plastic used in 3D printers !! this material library has a variety of medical, architectural, interior design, and wearable technologies, fashion, and many more. The center is open and accessible to anyone above 16 who is interested in researching or further developing products made in a sustainable way.


2. Second Place:

Innovate – Creative Design Studio:

Innovate is a Saudi architecture studio that is based in Riyadh. Their approach is to experiment and explore ways to design, basically creating design concepts by focusing on human emotions or behaviors. Their creation this year was a wooden seating designed by recording their friend’s voice in different emotion, ex. Happy, sad, excited, etc. and by analyzing the vocal waves they got, the solid/void, up/down frequencies led to creating a shape that was translated to a multiuse furniture piece. Recycled wood Seating area including shelving unites. Don’t forget to check out the video where the designer himself explains the work; could you figure out the different emotions in the design?


3.Third Place:

Shepherd Studio – Made in Wasteland

Shepherd Studio is a Bahraini architecture firm who came to participate in Saudi Design week. Their furniture was recycled pieces designed in a very attractive way, they attempt to cast a unique perspective on the future of consumerism and they try to achieve that by reusing ruined materials and turning them into usable modern furniture pieces. Each piece has its own idea and concept. Our favorite piece has to be the prayer mat; their philosophy was to maintain the user’s 7 points of contact when performing prayers, and as a result, 51% less mat material is used than the normal prayer mat while maintaining the right posture during prayer. Basically, no loss in less!



4.Fourth Place:

Quby- Creative consultant:

is another creative Bahraini design company that sells different product such as accessories, hand written bag and notebook, but what caught our attention was the seed paper. These papers are made of seeds that whenever you rep of a paper instead of throwing it away, you throw it out in dirt, nourish them with water and just like normal plant seeds, it grows into a plant! Voila!! It is definitely a friendly idea that would encourage recycling, therefore, help the environment.



5.Fifth Place:

Aya – The Art of living:

AYA is a Saudi furniture company but based in Dubai, UAE. Aya’s participation this year was not related to sustainability as much as the first four, but what is interesting is her booth is the interpretation of our Saudi culture through furniture, Such as, popular game boards seating arrangement in a modern way



If you did not attend the event this year but still interested to see all of these exhibitors and much more, watch our “Top Five” video as well as the video covering the whole event. Enjoy


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