Designing Interiors

Camel Step Coffee Roasters

Do you ever read about interior design retail stores in our beloved Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? Do you ever wonder why or how these places select the style, color scheme, forms, and layout of their stores? If you are reading my article right now, I guarantee you, you are in for a treat!

Well, here we areIMG-20180411-WA0051

Which animal’s foot looks like a coffee bean?

The camel step coffee roaster is our victim for today! What they are is a new trending roasting house with the convenience of having a cup of coffee. What’s interesting in this specific roasting store is the design of its interior and how some design elements can influence customers’ behavior. How?

Lets find out….


Simple and straightforward, four main walls defining the space, which has a big open layout with a counter in the middle of the store acting like a clear focal point and an obvious destination. Four walls in total and every two facing each other (front and back vs. the two sides) holds similar function.

Wait, wait!! I will explain more!



The front and back walls are all glass allowing for visual and physical accessibility. They both have doors to get you inside the store (front wall) and into the roasting machines (back wall).

The use of glass material for these two main walls creates an inviting atmosphere by the natural sunlight filtering into space and the clear views of the machines in the back. The high amount of natural light coming through the glass walls makes such a pleasant balance with all the dark effect of the other used materials.

Also, being able to see through the whole space gives comfort to the users and visitors of the store, and comfort encourages the habit of returning customers because it sends the message of “We are confident and have nothing to hide”

IMG-20180411-WA0046.jpg    img-20180411-wa0074-e1523792362981

On the other hand, we see the two side walls carrying products and accessories; we see big artwork locally made and sacks of coffee beans laying all over the store showing the spirit of the space and decorating the room at the same time, the other wall is covered with industrial looking shelves displaying coffee related products to match the nature of its facing wall.

IMG-20180411-WA0095.jpg        IMG-20180411-WA0063.jpg

Now, the strong masculine vibe of the store is clear by the black ceiling exposing all the equipment and the HVAC dockets, which makes the industrial style the dominant style. The colors, as well, were all colors of the raw materials they are using; gray smooth concrete flooring, yellowish wood stains highlighting the grains of the wood, natural burlap sacks for the coffee beans, and black touches here and there to emphasize the masculinity of the design. Faris Alusaimy  and his partners were the designers, and believe it or not, they are all men! Mostly the guys focused on the customer’s experience with the space reflecting the raw and simple process of grinding and roasting coffee through the basic colors and raw materials used in the design.


We respect how the counter is in the front of the entrance so anyone can order quickly without wasting time, but it would be nice if they can add more seating areas for female instead of male only! If they argue we are a roasting house not a coffee shop, we argue your seats should be for both gender.



Written by: Sara Al-abbadi

Edit by: Dr. Ahdab Almahdaly, Lama Al-Ayedh

Photography by: Fatimah Alzamil

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