Designing Interiors

Draft Cafe – A Design Perspective

Draft cafe started as a concept store selling different products and eventually opening another branch as a café serving drinks and snacks as well as displaying products for customers. The place became one of the most popular cafes in riyadh because of its new concept and friendly atmosphere for gathering, meeting, studying and hanging out.

1- Vertical circulation:

The first thing you see is the triangular metal grid on the stair case and elevator, that takes us to the first level. the intriguing design of the patterned metal prepare  the eyes with the design of what we see next.

ad06dd87-9a60-4422-8b8f-ffb25d87dd74.JPG           aeda9c40-dfe3-4d0a-a33e-4f45a17c6236.JPG

2- Interior Skin: 

The combination of concrete walls and white bricks unifies the whole space, especially that some of the concrete is partially covered with recycled materials in geometrical shapes following the same language of the stair case in a bigger scale. The Industrial style has been achieved in the usage of materials, the main materials that are used are concrete, metal, and different types of wood.

d336eb5d-3b8d-48cc-99ae-51b29d0e8567.JPG           8b1b08ba-c621-4aea-9f02-c66ebb0e793b.JPG

3- Horizontal surfaces: 

the space is laid out in an asymmetrically interesting balance that is accommodating to different people whether they are studying,meeting or just having fun. Adding levels to the one floor is a functional idea to divide people in a non direct way providing a certain level of acoustical privacy without interrupting the visual openness of the space. What is also working is the built-in furniture that gives the space a local flavor versus the use of wood which gives it the international twist.


4- The signature:

The pastel and natural color palette looks like its the designer’s, Wadha Al Rashid, signature stamp when designing interiors. Different shades of grey, black, white, beige, and tiffany blue were used to make the space fun, energetic, and full of youth. The paint, furniture, walls, and stairs pull together the space into one cohesive coffee shop that is worth the visit.


Don’t miss out the outdoor area!


Written by: Lama Al-Ayedh, Gharam Al-Ghalib.

Edited by: Dr. Ahdab Al-Mahdaly

Photography by: Reema Alyahya, Rawan Ali.



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