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Design, in its practical sense, is a plan to figure out in drawings the 2D of an arrangement before it is built and transformed into 3D. That is true in designing a product, as simple as a bottle of water, all the way to designing a whole city. However, design in its theoretical sense, is a precise idea meant to deliver something meaningful; whether that something was tailored to target specific users (kids, seniors, etc.), a specific function (Residential, healthcare, etc.), or an emotional or physical state (rehabilitation centers, parks, etc.) Of course good designs must consider all three aspects, but the priority to the category should be set at the beginning of the design process, then the rest will follow. If summed up, Design is a process of intended decisions to create a human experience that has a certain objective, simply.

But why learning or even following this when designing is important? Because when design holds a specific idea, it eliminates randomness and it satisfies the designer conviction, the reason behind the design, and that pours directly into creating a name and an identity of the designer in the field. Lets simplify that a little. As a designer you want to be relevant to your surroundings, you want to benefit your society and serve a purpose that is larger than just creating a beautiful space. On a professional note, designing purposefully works as a career ladder and adds experience and excitement to the challenges that come with the process; it, also, provides steps to facilitate your development in the field because you will be known by how relevant your projects are.

How is it working in Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi, designing purposefully is still a new concept. It is clear in a lot of examples that designing a building, an interior space, or even a brochure has depended primarily on the “taste” of the designer. Now, we are moving towards being more conscious about the message our designs should have, even though the focus is still related to the atmosphere of the space, such as coziness, inviting, friendly, romantic, etc.; we need interference in other aspects of the design. The function is so critical in the design process; also, specifying the users are just as important and we still are not considering that seriously. I’m hopeful that the new generation who are extremely talented, open to new ideas, and ready to explore options will take design in Saudi Arabia to the next level; and in order to do that we need to analyze the exiting timeless projects, architects, and designers who had contributed to design in its best forms and try to understand how did they do it.

Also, being more involved internationally gives the designer that global leverage. The problem is that we are still copying or borrowing design ideas or concepts from the western culture, rarely and almost not existing that we find pure original form of designs reflecting the Saudi vibes whether it is the currents or the past in a modern twisted way.

Luckily, The studio by A.H.M is welling to take the risk of productively critiquing the design scene here in the region so we all, together, can start designing thoughtfully, in every discussed project, we will try to answer one important question, What inspires originality?

Good To Know:

  • Graphic Design – logos, identities, brochures, etc.
  • Industrial Design – Products; chairs, cars, electronics, etc.
  • Interior Design – showrooms, floor plans, all kinds of interior spaces, etc.
  • Architecture – all kinds of buildings, technical drawings, etc.
  • Landscape Design or Landscape Architecture – Parks, gardens, landmarks, etc.
  • Urban Design– Cities, towns, villages, neighborhood, etc.
  • Fashion Design – apparel, costumes, etc.

Clearly these are not the only design fields that exist, a lot more are out there such as game design, software design, sound design, and so on; but these mentioned are the most relevant subjects that normally intersect in a project; except for fashion design, well, I had to mention it!!!

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